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Save the Costumes!

The Campaign to Preserve our Local Resource
Continue this Old Portland Legacy

We are sad to announce that Helen's Pacific Costumers is closing its doors permanently on August 31, 2017. The owner, Pam Monette, is retiring after 50 years.

If this news makes you frantically tear out your hair at the thought of losing this long-standing costume rental and mascot-building resource for school plays, community theaters, and artistic endeavors, there is hope! Help us Save the Costumes!

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Helen;s marquee on NE Glisan & 75thHelen's Pacific Costumers was founded as a family business in 1890 in Portland, Oregon, and has been continually woman-owned ever since. Fred and Ellen "Grandma" Wonder built floats and costumes for the Rose Parade when floats were still pulled by horses....

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Costume inventory at Helen's
Since 1890 we have built an inventory of thousands of costumes, accessories, and props that can fulfill your fantasy! We have costumes for themed events and weddings, masquerades, mystery parties....

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ram-3From its beginning in 1890, Helen's Pacific Costumers (HPC) became one of the nation's largest and most prestigious mascot builders. HPC's talented artists create some of the most beloved creatures in the Pacific Northwest, as well as....

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School Bus Services' Bus, custom-built mascot, being unloaded from bus

School Bus Services commissioned this custom-built school bus mascot, shown being loaded onto a school bus.