Accessories & Appliances

Complete your fantasy with our wide selection of professional makeup, wigs, hair pieces, hats, masks, stockings, and other accessories. We offer bolts and rivets for Frankenstein and Munsters, fake blood, Dracula teeth, Sheriff's badges, monocles, glasses, handcuffs, clown noses, and appliances, such as latex appliances, masks, hands, gorilla feet, scarves, bullet holes, etc.

Most are for sale; wigs are also available for rent.

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Theatrical Makeup

Professionally applied (by appointment) or purchase and apply yourself.

Black and white makeup
Werewolf makeup, beard and wig
Jester makeup
Dance Hall costume and makeup
Tiger makeup and ears
Becky the clown custom makeup

Wigs, Beards, Mustaches & Hair Pieces

Historical Masquerade wig and mask
Man's curly colonial wig
Santa beard
Raggedy Ann costume, wig, and makeup
White colonial wig
Woman's long curly wig
Selected hats available at shop

Hats & Head Gear

Spanish Mariachi costume
Little Bo Peep
Crusader Prince's crown
Medieval turban and mask

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Everything is more fun in costume!